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BnB Insight is a reliable data vendor of home sharing market in Japan. Our engineering team is crawling and aggregating data from over 40,000 Airbnb listings in Japan everyday and analyze them with unique methodologies. Our data includes not only the number of properties, ADR, Occupancy rate and estimated average revenue in each area and property, but also the details about amenity settings, guest review rate and texts. Our data report helps you successfully tap into Japanese home sharing market, build a better real estate investment strategy in Japan.

5 Reasons Why Purchasing Our Data is Beneficial

Here are 5 reasons why our clients have chosen us as their business partner.

Affiliated with the largest news media of home sharing market

BnB Insight is affiliated with "MINPAKU.Biz", the largest online news magazine of home sharing business in Japan. ("MINPAKU" means home sharing in Japanese.) You will get an access not only to our data, but also to our advisory service from our customer support team which has strong expertise in Japanese vacation rental industry.

Data accuracy based on "real" data from over 200 properties in Japan.

In addition to aggregated data from home sharing platforms like Airbnb, we complement our data and keep improving its accuracy by matching them with the real data from over 200 vacation rental properties we have been managing in Japan. These real data enable us to develop unique methodology to increase the accuracy of our data.

Competitive Analysis and Profit Simulation Report

Just by sharing basic information of your property with us, you can get our "Competitive Analysis and Profit Simulation Report". This report includes detailed data of your competitors which has been listed around your property. You can also forecast your earnings based on the report. It is a good decision making tool for your investment.

Covering major 5 home sharing platforms

roomoramaBnB Insight is the only provider in Japan covering 5 major home sharing platforms, Airbnb, HomeAway, Flipkey, Roomorama and Wimdu. In the near future, we will expand our coverage to Chinese platforms. If you are struggling against highly competitive market on Airbnb, you can refer to our data to start using other platforms. (Currently the data from the 4 platforms except Airbnb is raw data delivery only.)

All review texts on Airbnb in Japan

shutterstock_309691379BnB Insight is also the only provider in Japan which has all the review text data with more than 200,000 reviews Airbnb guests have made after their stay. By analyzing these big data, you can grasp a variety of needs and complaints from Airbnb guests. They will give you helpful insights to improve your listings or develop new business.


Regional Report

Regional report provides detailed Airbnb listing data of all 47 prefectures and major municipalities with over 100 properties listed on Airbnb. (If you need a specific area report from a municipality with under 100 properties listed, please contact us.)

Competitive Analysis Report

Competitive Analysis Report provides detailed data of Airbnb listings around your property. With this report, you can analyze and benchmark competitors in terms of property type, room type and its capacity.

Profit Simulation Report

Profit Simulation Report is the best decision making tool enabling you to forecast your earnings from your vacation rental property. This report can be customized based on your situation.

Customized Report

shutterstock_162650075We can customize our data and report format in accordance with your request. Please inform us with your needs.

Raw Data Delivery

shutterstock_245508985We can also provide our crawling data without any customization so that you can aggregate and analyze them by yourself.


Item Name Price Delivery Format How to Deliver
A Airbnb Regional Report $49 PDF Get Online
Tokyo・Osaka・Kyoto Report Package $99 PDF
Tokyo・Osaka・Kyoto・Hokkaido・Okinawa・Fukuoka・Kanagawa Report Package $199 PDF
All 23 Wards in Tokyo Report Package $399 PDF
National Coverage Report Package $999 PDF
B Airbnb Profit Simulation Report $49 PDF E-mail
C Airbnb Competitive Analysis Report $79 PDF E-mail
D Airbnb B+C Report Package (Available from either page B or C.)
23% discount for the set purchase
$99 PDF E-mail
E Raw Data Individual Quote Excel E-mail
F Customized Report Individual Quote Excel/PDF E-mail

Become a Partner

BnB Insight offers a partner program for vacation rental management companies and real estate agents. If you are interested in using our data in your sales materials or sell our reports to your customers, please feel free to contact us. We will offer our data and reports at a special discount price.


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Business Development
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Tsuneo Moritsugu
System Development
Keisuke Kikuchi
Motoyasu Kato
Yang Chaoyue
Overseas Business Development
Ayaka Furuichi
Customer Support
Norikazu Akiyama

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